Sending Confirmation Email to verify account using Postmark


I am trying to use Postmark to send out confirmation emails for my app so that the user can verify their accounts.

However, not sure how to go about this.

By default the postmark plugin has a send email feature which I can use to send an email, but how do I use this to setup with verifying an account?

By default using the bubble verify email, you just check a box and it handles all the stuff for you on the backend:

But what if I want to use a different email service like Postmark? How do I go about setting this up? Appreciate any help, thank you

Bubble does not yet expose the email confirmation code/cookie/thing for us to send using Postmark. But it was mentioned in their last monthly update as being on their roadmap.

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So whats the best step for me to do here? Isn’t the bubble verification email limited with daily sends? How do I go about this?

Also defaulting to the bubble email confirmations for all newly registered users doesn’t even look professional… how is there no workaround for this? :thinking:

Workaround is to create your own email confirmation flow and data type on the user.
Send the user a link then when clicked triggers a workflow to update the user and confirm their email.

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Well, my workaround quickly became obsolete. Bubble now has made this properly doable.


thank you sir just in time haha

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