How to view data stored in a custom state?

Hello everyone,
I need to check whether my custom state is working properly and it grabs the piece of information that I need to grab, is there a way I can check that? Because I’ve been struggling finding out whether I’m referencing it wrong when I’m trying to pull data from it, or it simply doesn’t have any data in it, because the custom state is done wrong.

If you are in the debugger, you can click Inspect, and use the drop down to reference whatever item holds the Custom State and it should display what’s in that state.

Alternatively, you can add text somewhere on the screen that displays what’s in the custom state. I have a few items in my app that holds text for custom states that I can trigger to display or not, for debugging purposes.

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Thank you so much, that’s exactly what I needed! Turns out I configured the custom state wrong, and it is shown as empty in the debugger.

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