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How to work with type of content logic

Hi guys, first day here on Bubble. I’m not a developer so I probably gets tuck on simple things.

I’m building an app where users will signup, for creating a company and then add the products of that company.

The signup process goes as follows:

  1. Signup with first name, last name and email and password

  2. Go to page: /onboarding where you add: company name, company website, and upload company logo in the Group A.

  3. Then hide the Group A, and show the Group B with the product info form:
    Product name, Product Type, Product description and few others fields.

I tried to do it but I can’t find a way to make it work, as I don’t understand how to show/hide Groups using this logic and also I don’t get how to send data and what type of content are these signup/onboarding pages, as when I choose Data to send it always blocks me saying that it’s not the right ones.

Thank you so much in advance :wink:

Have you done the Bubble lessons and other tutorials? I think you might benefit from taking one of the several Bubble courses available.

That said, to get you started, I quickly created:

Not optimal by any means, but just to show you a few basic things that you say you’re struggling with, for example how to use custom states to hide/show groups. I have not had to pass data between groups here since the all the data belongs to the current user. If you do need to pass data, just make sure you set the content type of the group to the same as what you’re passing.

I hope it helps to get you going.

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