How would I open a new page but keep the same data

Hi there, I need some help with something.

So I will have someone do a search for an individual, and some information will appear like below, but then admins can add ‘‘Messages’’ to that individual which will display in another page (the red highlighted one)… Am I better to create a new group over that one or should I create a new page to display that information?

Depending on the app’s strategy I think both approaches you can follow. Here is my opinion -

If the app is single page app it should use group inside the page.

Even if it is not a single page app it can be on the same page. Because it would be faster then going to another page.

Page is already loaded, Admin can send messages fast if it is in the group. Why loading the page to send the message. Think admin needs to send several messages. What happens, search the Individual (Load Search)>Click message (Load the page again)> Send message. Finding an individual is not enough, admin needs to load the page each time to send a message.

You can use popup as re-useable element. If you think you do not want to create the group inside UI again or for any reason.

I will go with a group in this case, I can’t use a popup as I need everything to be in the same placeholder (square where all the information is contained). Thanks.

That placeholder can be re-useable too.

Hi there, so I have 3 different groups

But they are all dependant of each other, I try to have 2 not show on page load and one show on page load, yet when I tick the box, they all tick automatically… How do I make them NOT dependant from one another?

U can set state to make dependent and get not ticked all together.
If I understand it clearly, you need to select a group when a tickbox (icon) is ticked.

Please create state, using boolean value (yes/no), or using number/text type field to assign number/text value.

Then create workflow when icon is clicked, set states value to current cells value (number/text etc.)

In condition tab of the icon, create a condition if currents cell’s value is State’s value then change the icon’s color or change the icon itself. As a result user will see what is happening.

Please let me know if I did not understand.