How would I structure this data with Bubble?

Hey there!

I’m trying to build a database of Careers. In which each Job Title has the necessary Soft Skills, Hard Skills, Education, Years of experience and certifications associated with it. Then, I’d like people to be able to select a different career and compare the differences on a single page.

I’m new to Bubble and having a heck of time trying to identify the best way to structure this data to most efficiently pull it up. For example, say an individual hits the landing page and selects a career they are interested in, I want them to be able to search from a pre-populated list of job titles and select one…Then re-direct to a page that would display the following:

  • Job Title
  • Job Description
  • Soft Skills
  • Hard Skills
  • Years of Experience
  • Certifications

Would I need to build out each job title as a separate data type?

Can I associate a “Job Title” or “role” data type with other data types that contain lists of soft skills, hard skills ect?

How would I associate each job to those lists and ensure it pulls the right ones?

I’d love to hear some suggestions, or if perhaps this isn’t feasible with Bubble. This is an amazing tool and I’d love to utilize it for this project!


This is definitely feasible within bubble.

What I’d suggest:

Data type: Role

  • Data field: Job title (text)

  • Data field: Job Description (text)

  • Data field: Soft skills (List of skills ) - make an option set called skills

  • Data field: Hard skills (List of Hskills) - make an option set called hard skills

  • Data field: Years of experience (text)

Data type: Certifications

  • Data fields under certifications, whatever you need here

Back to the Role data type, add the last one called certifications (list of certifications).

That’s how I’d do it!


Awesome - Thank you, Tal! Greatly appreciate your response.

I do have a follow-up if its not too much trouble.

How would I specify each Role’s specific data? Where can I assign the correct soft skills, hard skills, years of experience, etc. to each role?

Again, quite new to Bubble, so I absolutely appreciate the help!

You’d have to set up your UI and the proper workflows… I can’t help too much since I don’t know how you’re looking to have this work. You’d need input forms and some kind of button/text element for the User to hit submit and then perform the proper workflows.


Totally understand! Pretty broad question. Thank you for your time here, Tal!
I think I just need to dive in and learn more about the systems!