How would you create something like Kiva?

I want to have multiple projects where people can commit money. Once a set level is reached, everyone is charged and we deliver the product.

The idea is crowdsourced nutritional info. Lots of smaller restaurants don’t have nutritional info. This makes it really hard to eat there and still hit your fitness goals.

Letting people vote for and pledge money on various dishes. Once we hit $850, the cost of nutritional testing, we will buy that item and send it to a lab.

I thought about just using Indiegogo but managing a lot of projects would be hard.

I would first learn the basics of bubble. Then I’d learn about database structure. Then I’d sit down with pen and paper and think through all aspects of the app thoroughly. Then I’d begin building.

Thanks! I know about database structure. I program iOS apps for fun. I will start learning Bubble hope it can help me test the idea faster than building it all with code.

I found this template which looks pretty close -! Have you used Zeroqode at all?

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I have purchased a couple of zeroqode plugins, but never a template. I have been happy with their support. I suppose using a template is a personal choice and for some could probably really help get the ball rolling more quickly. Personally I felt compelled to learn bubble for myself, but have used free templates to get a guide on how to create certain functions.

I started by purchasing some video lessons that taught how to build a clone of well known sites. I built along with that until I felt I knew enough to just try my hand at things and through trial and error, reading through the forum and watching other video tutorials on youtube I was able to get to a point I could build most of what I want.

With that being said, I started with no background in programming whatsoever, and needed to learn everything as I have no technical background. I suppose you may have enough experience that using a template like the one you linked to would be all you need to get started on your task.


Thank you :slight_smile: we’re here for you guys.

Question what do the templates actually contain? Like just instructions? I am totally rookie here.

Oh, a ton of things :slight_smile:

A Template is basically, a working application that you can replicate the unlimited amount of times and spin off in different directions.

Meaning, it has pages, elements, styles, workflows, database, even plugins sometimes that you’re welcome to add, delete or modify.

Just like anything a regular app would have.

Except that it’s all looking and working pretty decent :slight_smile: usually, that is :sweat_smile:

On top of that, templates from Zeroqode are one of the few that come with Demos, Video Overviews and Documentation.

And of course, we have a whole separate forum just like this one, that is dedicated specifically for supporting all of our products.

Happy to tell you more :+1:

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