What's everyone building?

Hi Everyone,

Interested to learn more about what people are doing on bubble and the projects being worked on.
I would be open to discussing concepts and ideas.

I am currently working on a job board platform targetting the Graduate Market, built to make the transition from graduate to employee a little less painful. This is my first bubble project and so far has been a slow but interesting learning experience.


We are building a new type of crowdfunding platform as a side project.
It’s called Outkarma - Outkarma - Start or support fundraisers, become a contributor and boost your karma
almost ready to launch

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


Bubble Templates
Bubble Plugins
Bubble Courses
Convert Web to iOS & Android
No-code Development Services

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I’m trying to build m,y own CAD/ MDT System like DoJRP but I am having trouble at the minute.

As a side project, trying to finish Ideable* (https://ideable.co/version-test), a product devellopment platform based on design thinking. Never have enough time to work on it, as usual in side projects :slight_smile:

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Site looks great!

I was not aware the ‘moving cloud’ animations were possible in bubble. I will be looking into animations soon, any ideas on where to start?

Was this site built in bubble? Im not sure I understand the product fully, but that active background is great!

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we achieved that with some custom HTML elements :slight_smile:

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yep, built entirely on Bubble :slight_smile: It’s a fusion of donation and crowdfunding :slight_smile: Monthly donations plans that go towards support other people dream fundraisers (building a product, going on a vacation, recording an album etc). we will be adding some demo content to make it more clear soon

Love the dots background…how do i make something like that in bubble?

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Take a look at https://vincentgarreau.com/particles.js/
You can make it through HTML and JS

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We on working on Yumbook! An app that lets you collect and discover recipes :slight_smile:

Available on both iOS and Android!

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I’m working on a quiz (https://leapnote.com/version-test/quiz) as an intro to my leapnote application for late primary and early secondary school students.

Have you seen the show Silicon Valley?

This made me think of Jian Yang’s start up! haha.