How would you do this small and short popup when an element is hovered?

When hovering through an element appears a short popup guide to explain what is that about. I will do it so many times repeatedly that might be a nice way to configure it easily. Hope you help me. It appears exactly where mouse hovering stops after 1 or 2 seconds. Thanks

Use focus group then do condition to make it appear on hover

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Thanks for the reply. How would make it appear on the tip of the mouse for some cases? I mean, in not a fixed position at all times?

Like the group should be following your cursor? That’s not doable in native bubble.

But if it’s just at a fixed position of your mouse, you can use tooltips. Downside is it’s not customizable

There are some plugins that would enable you to do this though (customizable tooltips and tooltips that would follow your cursor)

Check this plugin out:

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Thanks for kind reply.