Default tool tip on hover appears very slowly


I know there is already a topic on that subject but was closed without a satisfying answer in my opinion : the “solution” was a workaround to switch to some plugins. I believe Bubble default tooltip is good, but too slow.

The problem
When my user have their mouse hover some :information_source: icon, expecting some information to show, nothing happens after something like 2 seconds.

Is there an option to reduce this timeframe ? Or could we add a default option on tooltip that show themselves if they are clicked ? It’s a behaviour I noticed with my users : if nothing shows up after 1 second, they tend to click on the :information_source: icon.


Yes, that’s a bit annoying on the built-in tooltips.

You can have a focus group appearing when you click the info icon. I’d go with this option.

Or alternatively you can use a tooltip plugin like Air Tooltip Plugin | Bubble - but in my experience the plugins are a little buggy.

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