How would you make a video unclickable?

Other than putting an empty box over top of a video is there a way to make a video unclickable unless a condition is met?

On video elements, is there not “This item isn’t clickable” conditional?

I don’t see one :frowning:

I didn’t see one either.

Do you have ToolBox installed?

I do now :slight_smile:

Maybe create some states that would disable the video element and run this code

document.getElementById(“elementId”).style.pointerEvents = “none”;

Give the element an ID Attribute

Whenever you have visible elements that don’t have standard properties, you can often just put them into their own groups (right click the element and “group these items into a group”) to wrap them in those properties. Now the group eats all of the dom interactions and you can just trigger stuff off of that.

The video still plays, but if I go to the border where the group is the workflows work properly.

Are you talking about my solution or Keith’s?

Keiths, let me try yours.

Yours is a bit over me head on what to do next. I have a condition where someone buys something and then I want them to be able to click on the video. I don’t know how to to make the javascript work with the Current User variable I created.

Don’t show the group containing the video until the condition is reached, perhaps?

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I think that will have to be the solution.