Conditional: "Only This Element is Clickable"

There should be a feature alongside “This element is clickable” that sets “only” this element to clickable. Very often, I need to disable everything but the current element, and it can be a very tedious process doing so in a way that is unique to the particular circumstance each time.

Anyone agree? Or perhaps know of a convenient work around? So far, what I do, is set conditions on every other element that make them unclickable when X is set, and then have my element set X. But, this means I need a new set of conditions (for every element) each time I want a different element to do the disabling. A simple “only this element is clickable” feature would be very practical and intuitive IMO

You can try using custom states.
If there are 5 elements and all needs to be activated on a different condition, set value of custom state 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.
Set these all elements unclickable by default and make them clickable based on the value of custom state you would like to assign this element.

Wow thats a good idea, I’ve been using yes/no values for everything… Thank you!

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