How would YOU set up a Multi-Step form for both NEW & EDIT

I’m setting up a form for users to create a NEW listing, but the same form is also used for EDITING a listing.

The form has a few steps. which is done by hiding and showing groups till the form is filled.

I want to inform users for ERRORS before they go to the next step, but i don’t want to save the data on clicking the NEXT button, only by clicking the SAVE button (which is accessible anytime).

Why? because when the users comes back to EDIT a single piece of data, i don’t want to use WORKFLOW runs when he browses thru the steps without changing anything, only after he hits the SAVE button.

how would u set up the ERRORS in this case?

I think you can get away with not saving it everytime just the once at the end, because bubble creates a session for each user in which it save the values of your input fields or something amazing like that.

So for example:

Step one 2 field | click next | don’t save
Step two 5 fields | click next | don’t save
Step three 3 fields click save | save all previous field (10 fields @ once)

Tha should work with the show and hide method

And now for the edit side just do the samething but make sure you -repopulate the all the fields first or it will save the blank field E.g. override

but i want to let user know of any errors before they go to the next step, how?

Why the concern about workflow runs?

bubble charges by workflow run

Oh, so you’re on the legacy pricing still? On the new pricing tier, they don’t charge by workflow runs (according to

I do believe it matters on legacy plans, though. I’m still on legacy, so I have that to deal with, but thought I’d check.