Multi step "create listing"

Hello, I am having issues with what I thought would be a simple thing for me to do, even as a new user of the Bubble platform.

I’m creating a car rental marketplace where users will be uploading their vehicles.

I had all the questions to fill in one large group, and then the button to create the listing, but it looked very ugly having all that text and stuff in an single group.

I then decided to split the process in 3 steps, and that’s where thing got difficult for me.

I set the 2nd and 3rd group to not show on page load and created ‘step 2/3’ and ‘step 3/3’ buttons with a workflow to show the groups when buttons clicked, and buttons only click if questions filled.

When I click the ‘step 2/3’ button, the 2nd step group shows on top of the 1st one, and when I added another action to the workflow to then hide the first group, pressing on ‘step 2/3’ button just hid all three groups instead of only the 1st one.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing something only a newbie can miss and I apologize for the not so advanced question, but any help on solving this is greatly appreciated.



Your problem is actually not that big. All you have to do is hide the first step and third step when the 2/3 button is clicked and when the 3/3 button is clicked step 1 and 2 are hidden. That should solve your problem.

If you need any more assistance feel free to reach out!

Thanks for the reply!

I just did that, but for some reason, when i click 2/3 button, they all disappear.

Why would that be?

I am going to go step-by-step for what I would do if I was in your case.

  1. I would first make sure that my ‘Step 1’ is enabled so when the page load it loads
  2. I would make my ‘Step 2’ button then start the workflow on it. When the button is clicked hide ‘Step 1’, hide ‘Step 3’
  3. I would make my ‘Step 3’ button then start workflow on it. When the button is clicked hide ‘Step 1’ and hide ‘Step 2’

After that you should be good.

If you have any follow up questions feel free to ask!

Hey Nilson, as with everything in Bubble, there are multiple ways to do this. Dragon_Busters gave you one way.

You could also do it with URL parameters and the Get Data from URL condition.

Here’s a short video showing how I would do it using conditionals and custom states. Hope it helps!


Wow! thank you so much for taking the time to do this! This easily solved my problem and actually cleared other things I had in mind. I cannot thank you enough!

Have a great rest of the day!


Glad to help, my friend!


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