How would you tackle this issue? is there a more efficient way?

I developed a one-page app, with lots of elements, and functionality, and i let most of the elements to be visible to new visitors, but i want to popup the Signup/Login popup whenever a logged-out user clicks any Limited-access button.

I dont want to hide those buttons because i want new users to see the features, and i don’t want to make them “Unclickable” because that would restrict me from creating a “Show signup popup” workflow.

Here is my problem: I’m going to need to Add a new Workflow for each and every Limited-access button with a condition “only if user is logged out”. AND add a condition for each old Workflow “only if logged in”.

Any better way in this case?

You’ll need this anyway in case the logged out user works out how to hack the prevention to press those buttons.

If its not too messy, could have group(s) on the limited access area, which have a logged out condition that action a workflow when clicked. If using a group like this over the top (z-order) of the area, could make it go invisible to get out of the way on logged in .

Sounds good already!

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