How to stop workflow when the user is not logged in rather then having a "when" on every step?

Hey there!

Basically when this button is clicked and the user is not logged in it will show signup/login popup. Which is fine but in the background it is still going through the entire workflow which is slowing the website down.

The workflow gets executed when the current user is logged in but when it is not logged in the workflow should not execute and be stopped after showing popup.

Any ideas how?

I have already added in when the user is logged in but I would rather just have it stop after popup.

Have two different button click events and place the condition on the event itself instead of the action.

When button is clicked and user is not logged in > show popup
When button is clicked and user is logged in > everything else


How to do that?

Not really sure what events are.


Events are the trigger part of the workflow. In your case “when button is clicked”. You can add conditions to that part instead of the actions themselves, actions being “show popup”, “go to page”, etc.

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