Login button doesn't seem to work

Hello I am really new in bubble
I created a login and sign up button and it doesn’t seem to work.
I set everything up on the workflow (when click on login button a pop up asks you to put email and password) but nothing happens.

Well no one can possibly know what’s going on here, as no one (aside from you) knows what your current workflow steps, database structure, privacy rules, and other app specifics are…

Obviously you’re doing something wrong, but without any info it’s impossible to guess.

If I were you, I’d double check your workflows, then use the Debugger to try to pinpoint your error.

Or, if you’re will to share a lot more info about your app, then I’m sure someone might be able to offer soe insight.

Some screenshots of your workflows would be a good start…

Thanks a lot for your answers.
My Main problem is that I set some instructions about a group to show or hide when the user is login/logout but nothing happens
As you will see on the picture I wanted signup and login to be displayed only if the user is logout and new event to discplay if the user is login
However as you will see everything is allways displayed

As you can see, the condition 1 is set to display the element only if the user is logged out. On the right we clearly see that the user is not logged out and signup/login buttons are still displayed anyway

With so little info to go on, I can only guess…

But have you set it to be not visible on pageload?