Play Sound to selected user

Hey guys. I’m trying to make a system in my application, to play a sound through Howler.js (or even through JavaScript), but my question is the following:

  • Whenever I run the Workflow, it plays the sound in the browser of the clicker and not the selected user.

How can I make the workflow play a sound in the browser of the user selected in the “Current Cell” repeater group?


check the file you are trying to play

You could use ‘do when condition is true’ workflow to play the sound in the User’s browser (the user who you want to hear the sound).

You’d have to have a database field such as a yes/no called ‘play sound’, and set the condition to play the sound whenever the current User’s Play Sound is yes.

Then, when a User is selected in the RG, set that User’s Play Sound Field to yes.

You’d need to reset that field value back to ‘No’ after the sound has been played, so in the Play Sound workflow, just add an action to reset the value for the current User.

I tried another way, but your comment inspired me.

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