HOWTO: Point to my bubble app

This is probably a basic question, but not so familiar with this stuff;

I already have a domain called and I want to point to my bubble application.

As /bubble is a path, and not a subdomain, I don’t find any specific mentioning about this + I’m not experienced with domains, redirects and all that. Would be very happy if anyone here would guide me on a few steps. Thanks!

Where are you hosting your domain and who’s the provider? You can usually setup domain redirects. For instance, if your hosting on GoDaddy, and want to point your path to Bubble, this link might help:

Not sure yet, waiting for my dev team to wake up on the other side of the world.

So for the domain redirect on this path (, where should it be pointed to?

When I type in on domain settings in Bubble settings, I get the response:

The domain name ‘’ has a path ‘bubble’. This is not valid. You can use subdomains, but not a path

I believe your getting that message because the domain isn’t in Bubble. I may be wrong, but most likely you’d have to have a domain or sub-domain setup with bubble.

And on your domain hosted elsewhere, have the redirect to your bubble domain or sub-domain.

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