HTML/CSS Frontend with Bubble

Bubble is an excellent tool and I love just about everything about it except for the frontend UI designer. It is frustrating to use and doesn’t always do what I would like it to do.

I would much rather write the UI in HTML and CSS rather than using Bubble’s builder. Is this possible? Has anyone done this before? I would love to use Bubble as the backend.

For sure you could. You’d place an html element on the screen and go to town!

I mean in theory but all your elementswill need to use classes and then use JS to initiate calls.

You may as well make it custom at that point.

You can make amazing UI using bubbles editor.

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This is the truth. Fully responsive beautiful UI’s can be made. It’ll take some practice, youtube, and reading through the forums but you’ll get there!

Yeah, I can use the design editor pretty well (see my existing Bubble app: but I’m wanting to take it to the next level and have super granular, pixel-level control and make it feel more like a native app than a web app.

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