Can I use my custom designs?

I have all the designs completed for the web app. Does Bubble allows us to use our own UX design for building app?


No, that’s strictly prohibited. Just kidding. :crazy_face:

Of course. You just have to familiarize yourself with Bubble styles and how to build the UI.

:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for quick reply.

It might be helpful to know up front that Bubble uses a proprietary layout engine, so whatever knowledge you might have about more conventional “responsive” web site design will have very limited applicability.

Of course, it uses standard web technologies (HTML and CSS), but it relies heavily on absolute positioning and custom JS for layout. It might be good to check out some Bubble and/or 3rd party training resources for an overview before you dive in. Just search the forums or check out Bubble’s academy. (There was a video on Bubble’s layout engine, but I can’t find it now.)

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