HTML element and assets

Hi. I am using adobe Animate to produce interactive course content. I want to write a bubble app that displays this content in the html element. Animate exports the html and assets are stored in their own folder. How can the html element in bubble access both the html and assets? I don’t think the file storage in bubble supports folders (but might be wrong) so the html from animate would break. Do I need to use 3rd party storage that supports folders?Any help much appreciated.

I don’t know how animate produces files but if you can change the links to the elements, you can easily store everything in Bubble. See the demo:

This is an HTML element with some HTML page and the picture used for the animation is uploaded to Bubble:

You can check the example here if that’s what you want: Test for Forum 12 | Bubble Editor

That is useful to know. I was just hoping to be able to upload folders directly and not have to edit the html but it looks pretty straightforward as I won’t have that many assets.
Many thanks.