Importing HTML + CSS + JS Code?

Bubble newbie here. I would like to import my project to Bubble and continue here. I imported HTML code using HTML element and simply copy pasting the code. For the remaining part, I don’t know which of the followings are possible.

1-Can I also import my CSS and JS files directly like I did with HTML page?
2-HTML element is just an element on the page now rather than being the core of the page. How can I turn it into the page itself?

Do you have any tips/suggestions for me to import my past work into Bubble easily?
Thanks in advance.

While it is tempting to take the import html/css/js approach when you are first learning Bubble it’s a bad approach.

You need to rebuild your app using Bubble elements, Bubble styles (which translate to CSS) and JS using plugins (or a small amount of inline scripting if needed).

Well, if you can’t find a plugin that will do the job and you still need your Html, CSS and JS code then best way is

  1. Put the html code in a HTML element as you did.
  2. Upload the css and js files in your website ( if you in paid plan you will have a direct link such as or if you are in a free plan just put “upload file” element and go on your test website and upload the files and get the direct links.
  3. Include the CSS AND Js files in your HTML code . For example <#link rel=“stylesheet” href=“styles.css”#> and <#script src=""><#/script#>
    Hope that helps

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