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Shapebootstrap? Can we use in HTML element?

Hey guys… Do you think we can use templates from this site and run this through the html element in bubble?

No, we can’t.

These templates are built using traditional coding methods. When you download one, it will be a folder containing folders - the main folder being the project folder and subsequent folders containing the index.html, a folder for a stylesheet (css), a folder for javascript, assets, etc. It’s an entire website “ready” to be compiled and launched onto a hosting solution.

Bubble’s HTML element simply allows us to access the index.html (equivalent) of our project folder, the folder being invisible to us users (Bubble is closed source - partly meaning we don’t have access to our apps folders in the way purchasing one of those templates would give).

The bubble HTML element essentially allows us to modify parts of our HTML files - nothing else, however. There’s a lot more that goes into using those templates than HTML alone. Multiple stylesheets, javascript and assets - stuff like that.

Those templates are often for people who make a lot of simple websites for others - an example might being a local SEO shop. They can be useful for turning out a high volume of semi-custom solutions out of the box. Also, they can be useful as a learning resource - to see how projects are structured, what the difference between high quality and low quality code is, design best practices (or what to avoid) etc.

They are pretty easy to replicate using the Bubble editor, however. Just visually copy it to the best of your ability - you might be surprised how powerful Bubble’s editor is!


On the other hand, if “Display as an iFrame” is checked, then it becomes independent of the Bubble styles and might show what you want.

The level of interaction with Bubble will be minimal though, unless you apply code to integrate it specifically - not an easy task.

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I created something way better solely with the bubble editor last night. Bubble wins again! :slight_smile: