HTML element performs only when RTE plugin on page

Hi there,

I wonder whether this is a bug of the bubble HTML element. You put a HTML element on the page, and feed it the following rich text:

<p  style="line-height: 1;" align="left"><font face="Rubik"> Dear Mr. John Doe </font></p>
<p  style="line-height: 1;" align="left"><font face="Rubik"> Welcome to our new platform </font></p>
<p  style="line-height: 1;" align="left"><font face="Rubik"><a href="" target="_blank"></a></font<br></p>

The text isn’t correctly displayed: the line hight definition is ignored, as well as the standard link coloring:


Now you put a Vanilla Rich Text Editor on the same page, but with no connection to the above HTML element, just as a deconnected, standalone element. And lo and behold, the rich text inside the HTML element is displayed well:


What is the problem? Why can’t the bare HTML element display its content correctly? And why does the mere presence of a plugin alter the workings of an independent bubble element?

Thanks for any helpful input. Have a nice day and many regards


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