Weird HTML Element issue - content not persistent

I am trying to feed HTML to the html viewer from a rich text editor.

what is weird is that i have to send the data to the html editor twice.

so i have an html editor in a group
on button click i send data to the group
the data is displayed in the html element
it displays then disappears
i click the button a second time
the data appears and stays

here is the editor

and the live page to see what i mean

Perhaps somebody could advise me here. Currently the rich text editor Plugin I am working on outputs All mark up HTML. Clearly that doesn’t work with bubbles standard text element, so I’m wondering and leaning towards converting the HTML markup into BB mark down. The only issue is that it doesn’t convert very well when considering things like tab indentation and bullet points.

Any thoughts here?

There’s an error with jquery when loading page in debug mode. I think you should first take a look at this issue.
when you try to run the button in step by step, it’s seem to have an issue related to the jquery issue.

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