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[Solved] Rich text input & HTML element

I have a case where I have to display text in a HTML element after it was saved from a Rich Text input. For some reason the HTML element does not show the text correctly.

Does anybody know of a way to do this?


Just messed around with it. I think it may be because the HTML element requires < > for tags, and the rich text input saves tags in [ ]. Seems like text elements use [ ] for formatting and displaying tags, and not standard HTML < >.

That’s my best guess.


@romanmg unfortunately I can only give one like and I can’t kiss you so I’ll just say THANK YOU! :kissing_heart:

I never noticed it and I’ve been staring at it a long time. The solution is easy place everything between html tags :grin:

Have a look at how it displays it now


Haha yay!! I’m so glad. I’m looking at it now as I actually tried to figure out where to place HTML tags too - how did you do it? It looks great!

I place <Html> before actual Html code and </Html> at the end. But it only works with html code. I converted a Word document to Html and pasted it the text editor.

Oh I see! Ok, I thought you were specifically trying to get the data from the rich text editor to display in the HTML element. But yes, so glad this was figured out!

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Yes I was but this was the only workaround that I could get.
Thanks for your help

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Gaby, do you know how to stop the [ ] tags from showing? I’m creating a blogging feature with rich text and the result is that the formatting is showing…

@gregjohnkeegan Can you set this page up or share a link so I can see how you’ve got it currently?

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