HTML ID Attributes in Repeating Group

Hello. I’m having trouble understanding how to apply an ID Attribute to text within a repeating group (or also in general). I’m sure this is something simple I’m missing but I haven’t found a good solution after scouring the forum for a few hours. I have an html element in the page with

#myHeader {
    color: red;
    text-align: center;

<h1 id="myHeader">Attribtest</h1>

Attribtest there comes out red, as expected.

I have exposed the option to add an ID Attribute and applied the attribute name to text as well as input but they do not turn red. This is a simple example but will help me as I move forward. I understand that I can use a conditional to do the same thing but I’m more interested in trying to understand how ID attributes are used right now.

I built an app as an example, so take a quick look if you have a moment.

Thank you, thank you!

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