Problem with element ID in RepeatingGroup

Hello community, I was hoping that the collective knowledge and experience could solve these doubts that have arisen with a plugin.
Custom Cursor” allows us to change the appearance of the cursor when it is located on specific elements according to their ID. But … in the case of repeating groups, the plugin only recognizes the first item in the list and does not apply to the others. Have I ignored something about the logic of the “element id”? Is the plugin faulty? Is there a way to make the id recognized in all elements of the repeating group?
Community, as always a pleasure and I await your response with enthusiasm.

When naming the id of an element in a RG, did you ensure to add some unique value to the ID such as the cell number. All id’s must be unique for the feature to work. Otherwise, when trying to reference an element by ID in a window which has duplicate IDs, the first Found by the compiler in the element tree will be used. In your case, the first in the RG most likely

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