HTTPS on Personal Plan

Hey guys!
I finished my app and I am ready to launch and put some ads up however I’ve noticed my website is on http and not https.

How do I add that to my website? Is this something I need to ask where I hosted the domain? Is there a plug-in? Do I ask bubble?

Paying the professional plan for just that feature for 6x the personal plan is absolutely out of the question at the moment since I am in the MVP phase and need to keep costs low.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey @martabarreiracalvinh,

“http” works the same as “https” no need to worry about it but even if it is “” you can still search “” if i’m not mistaken

Jeff :santa:

Yes, it’s working okay now! Guess I just had to wait.


Yes, propagation time from your domain name provider. The SSL certificate may takes more time than the dns to update.

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