Hubspot / CRM / Email Marketing Clone

Let me start by saying that I’m brand new to bubble and not familiar with all the features and it’s abilities. I’ve done preliminary research and I see a few templates for CRMs but not exactly what I’m looking for.

I’d like to build something that has many of the same features as HubSpot but tailored for a specific industry. It will need to be an email marketing client like MailChimp or Hubspot marketing, as well as email sequence functions like Hubspot.

A key differentiator will be that there are 2 different types of contacts that can be input. One will be an end customer B2C and one will be a client/partner B2B. Each will have different marketing initiatives and will need to be easily separated. The B2B client will have deal tracking (lead ->client) and typical sales outreach functionalities. The B2C portion will be primarily used for remarketing through email campaigns and newsletters.

I also envision it being able to connect via API to some industry-specific platforms to auto-import the B2C contacts.

I have no clue if this platform will support something like this or if it’stoo complex. I’m willing to learn to build it, tweak one of the templates, or pay someone to build it. I just want to know the feasibility and difficulty of building something like this?

Also from my understanding, I’ll be able to use bubble as SaaS so I can charge clients a monthly fee to use?

Thanks in advance!

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