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Hello all, @neerja

I want to embed my Hubspot form in my bubble app. Basically the user clicks a button, a popup appears. the user fill out the form and the contact is added to my database.

I tried to pasted my HUbspot form code in abubble to JS field and a HTML field but it does ot work.

Can someone help me on this ?


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@petit-ricard try displaying as an iframe and enter formId

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Not working.
Any other idea ?

There is a setting that you have to find which enables iFrames. If you don’t check it, then the iFrame feature won’t work (assuming you haven’t done so already)

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Thanks foryour qhuick answer.

Did it but still not working. while display as an iframe is checked

ANy idea ?

You’ve probably already done it, but maybe try refreshing the page and the bubble editor

Did it but still not working :confused:

Would you mind sharing your app’s editor? Or maybe drop me a private dm so I can take a look?

This might well be similar to other resources such as tech validate who have a similar method of embedding their content in third parties. It should work but for some reason it won’t in bubble. I had tried to embed for example techvalidate to no avail.

This stick their embed code in an HTML page in isolation see if it works if it does and doesn’t in bubble… You have your answer

Hey @petit-ricard!

Here is how I was able to get a Hubspot form to display on a Bubble page.

On the page itself, insert the source code link provided by Hubspot into the page html header:

Create a group on the page where you want the form to display, and give it an element ID:

In an html element, use the code provided by Hubspot for embedding, and add an additional parameter of “target”. The value of the target parameter should equal the element ID of the display group element:

The html element can be very small as it will not actually display the form, it will only load the script.

I did one quick test and it submitted just fine:

That should get you going!


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Hey @mebeingken

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunatly I cannot make it works

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