Embed Bubble Form on External Website

Quick Question - I have a business that uses Squarespace for it’s website and would like to embed a bubble form into one of the pages (Squarespace forms only allow entries to go either to google sheets or Mailchimp).

Any thoughts on how this might be accomplished?

In SquareSpace I believe there is an element you can use called Embed which you can use.

Then click </> to put in your own embed code, such as:

<embed src="https://yourappswebsite.com/page-with-form-on-it" width="100%" height="600px" scroll="no"></embed>

You can adjust the parameters such as Scroll, Width, Height to suite your needs

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Ah, yeah maybe I was overthinking it… In my mind, creating and embedding a page would result in a page being shown in the embed code. I can set the size and width of a page in pixels and the embed would show that size and width, correct?

thanks @gf_wolfer

Yes, think of the entire page as what will be seen in Frame. So if you want it small you can design it to that size.

You can also design it larger, but make it responsive so that it adjusts to whatever the Frame width is on the website (which can also be responsive). Best thing to do is just make a test embed page page, and play with its sizing and setup on a test SquareSpace site to see what works best for your UI

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