Huddle - a simple roadmap & changelog tool for builders

Recently released a tool you may find useful for building in public and keeping your users up to date. Right now you can publish a simple roadmap and changelog. This is an early release — much more to come but your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Pretty cool man, already a very polished look!

A couple of bugs (probably):

  • Regular login does not work. Google login does.
  • Roadmap preview on mobile does not go well:


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yea probably can do something better here.

Thanks for the feedback

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Just released a new version of Huddle.

Please check it out if you’re looking to use a public roadmap or changelog for your product. It’s currently free, and your feedback goes a long way in shaping the future of the tool.



Beautiful design m1vp!

The preview page throws an error btw:


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Thanks for checking it out! I wasn’t able to reproduce but I did remove a bit of old logic I had in there. Let me know if you still see the error and I’ll get it sorted.