Roadmap - Looking forward to this! :)

Just thought I would share my thoughts on the bubble roadmap. Would be curious to see others thoughts as well.

Releases & roadmap

Bubble is constantly evolving. You can see here what is on our technical roadmap.


App performance - Yes please :slight_smile:

Systematically optimize most data-intensive queries - :+1:

Monitor and reduce JS / JSON size - :+1::+1:That would be great. Probably help with loading speeds.

Apps bug-free at scale - :+1:

Workflow consistency when multiple workflows touch the same data at the exact same time

No timeouts for long operations - :+1:

Alerting app owners on errors - :+1:


Editor and operations - :+1:

More extensive and easier-to-use logs - Ok

Being able to deploy new app versions without forcing a page refresh - :+1: Or at least each being able to update one page at a time, not every page all at once.

Branches and different environments to build an app (git-like feature) :+1::+1::+1: YES Please, that would be fantastic.

Features + capabilities - …

Improved tabbing algorithm: should work between groups (as well as inside groups) - :+1:

Calculated fields - OK

Ability to sort / filter on sub-fields of things - Nice. Time saver.

Parenthesis in the expression composer - Ok

Ability to expose Oauth2 - Ok

Search Box improvement - Ok


Customer support scaling - :+1:

Improved public documentation - Ok

Better dedicated automation - Ok

Better self-service resources - Ok

Scaling out support team / coverage - :+1:

Plugin ecosystem - :+1:

Reusable element plugins - :+1: Yes, that would be helpful to change it in one place and actually have it update everywhere. Now it’s still glitchy.

Developer friendliness - :+1::+1:

Better API documentation - :+1:

Generate SDKs for our APIs - :+1::+1::+1: Hey, that would be cool!


Mobile - :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: Yes please!!!

Great solution for native iOS and Android :+1::+1::+1: - YES! That would be great.

Better offline access - :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: - Would be fantastic!

Chat / Voice interface - Ok

Small business - Ok

One-click templates - Ok

Editor ease-of-use - Ok

Enterprise - Ok

24/7 support - Ok

Real-time warnings for app performance and downtime - :+1:


For me branching, sub-fields sorting and filtering, search improvements and reusable elements would be my top priorities.

I don’t include performance as I don’t think it should be part of the roadmap. Looking for performance shouldn’t have a completion date.

On the contrary, mobile would be the lowest priority. Probably not even a priority right now as you can always leverage Bubble backend to create your mobile app with all sort of tools that are out there.


I would love to have a bubble-like software to make native apps. That would be amazing though. Don’t you think?

I wish “Developer friendliness” were higher up the list, especially if it means some of the little things that could make it even easier to develop with Bubble, things such as the following:

… and my number one wishlist item …


Yes sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference to the platform. There are some great ‘ideas’ about in the forum that would be nice if they go picked up on this year.

But from a bigger picture, I’m really anticipating:

  • Branching and being to deploy in different environments (will save so much time and improve client proofing/testing)
  • Parenthesis in the expression composer (very useful for dates and calculations)
  • Sub-field sorting would be very helpful
  • Default dynamic states (not on the list, but fingers crossed one day) @louisadekoya

Looking forward to seeing that present icon glow up :wink: