Inputs getting reset

Anybody else having their inputs reset when trying to save?

Bug Reset Inputs

I saw this issue today when sending data to a group. Might be a Bubble bug. I think it is safe to go ahead and submit a bug report, I think this just started happening today. :slight_smile:

I had significant issues yesterday as well. nothing was working for me! :dizzy_face:

Ok, thanks for confirmation. I have sent them a bug report. Was also seeing the data not getting saved to the DB on the same page when the debugger in step by step mode shows the data as being saved, but it doesn’t.

Hopefully they will get it fixed up so I can finally try to finish a portion of the app.

Yeah, it’s weird. Hopefully you can show them the specific example so they can figure out what is going on. :slight_smile:

I wonder if this is part of their input system upgrade

Yes, same.

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