Huge issues with calculations

Hi everybody,
Not sure whats going, if its a bug or something that I am doing wrong. I had all my calculations working well using instantcalculator. Today, they stopped working and this is what I have discovered.

The plugin cant do the calculation because the number shows as 0,7 instead of 0.7 as the slider inputs value is.
Is anyone experiencing the same issues? Should I report to bubble?
Also, whenever I do format expression as a number, it formats it as text. Any ideas??

thank you

I have seen people having this issue before. It may have something to do with your regional setting or location that is causing it to default to comma instead of decimal (my apps default to decimal)

If you can’t solve this at this default level, you may be able to do a workaround where you have a hidden input that takes the slider input and converts it into a decimal value, then run the calculation off of this hidden input.

Hey, I figured it out. I changed the language of the app and it messed with the decimals. Instead of be able to do the calculation with the (,) it wouldnt allow me so I’ve had to go back to the english US version.
Thanks for the reply

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