Hyperlink not working on some browsers

The Login page of production version of my app contains a Text “Create new account” which links to a Signup page. Since last Friday, this link doesn’t work (meaning it just reloads the same page upon clicking) on Chrome desktop browser for me, unless I go incognito. I’ve tested on mobile Safari and Chrome, where it seems to work fine for me but other people are having trouble with Chrome on mobile as well.

I’ve tried the clear cache and hard reload in Chrome which didn’t help.
I’ve checked link workflow, deleted and created a new one as well, to no avail.
All other links on that page work fine.

Any help would be appreciated!

I’ve been developing an app on Bubble for last 4 months and never run across this problem before.

I decided this was not a Bubble specific problem and looked around. I found this helpful post in SO: Webpage displayed in Incognito, not in regular Chrome - Stack Overflow

The following steps helped fix the problem for me:

  1. Open developers tools (CTRL+SHIFT+ J).
  2. Navigate to Applications tab.
  3. Choose Clear storage from the side menu
  4. Hit Clear site data button.

However, I cannot tell my users to do all this. So if someone has a better idea, please share.

It sounds like you have some workflows redirecting users. Use ?debug_mode=true step by step. Check what workflows you have running on page load on both pages.

Thanks for the suggestion. I checked the workflow in debug mode, which is working fine since I cleared the storage using above method. i.e. I’m no longer able to reproduce the issue in my browser.

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