Hyperlink to Date in Popup

Is there a way to create a hyperlink to data in a popup?

For example I have a list of projects. You click on the project and it brings up the project details on the same page within a popup. I want to be able to use a hyperlink to link to the project list page while also bringing up the specific project in the popup all based on the hyperlink. The hyperlink will be used in multiple locations, but mainly in emails.


Sure, you can do it with URL parameters…

Just add a parameter in the URL, then run a conditional workflow - when the parameter is present in the URL open the popup and display the relevant data.


I’ll have to do some research on how to implement the URL parameter. This is a function I’ve not yet used in any of my applications, but sounds like might be very useful for some more complicated workarounds I’ve used in the past as well.

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