Having a hyperlink in a bubble generated email to open a page with a specific id

In my app, a user can create a thing (white paper) and send via email to a specific group of users, a message asking them to open the page containing the thing. Each white paper is stored in the db (description, tags…) with a unique id.
I would like to create a hyperlink in the email, allowing the user to directly accessing the corresponding page with the correct record id.
the page ‘type of content’ is already the ‘white paper’ thing.

any idea how to do it within an email generated by bubble?
Many thanks for the help

The simplest way to do it is just to refer to the thing’s link (every Thing in your Bubble database that has a page who’s content type is that thing will have it’s own link, for each such page).

So just select the thing in question (the white paper) and then refer to it’s link (you’ll then be able to select which page to link to). so: white paper's link

Alternatively you can just use its slug or unique ID appended to your website’s URL

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thank you

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I found an elegant solution.
you create a custom state for your page the main url/page name/variable=thing id
then in the email you put:

click on. "url=custom state]My Link[/url] " to access the case.


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