I am a total beginner and need help with an idea

Hi! I’m a student trying to make a simple app where students can create leaderboards with their friends to compare time spent studying and test scores.

I don’t know how complicated this process will be and where to start. While I’ve looked at a few of the tutorials on Bubble, I don’t know how to piece them together to get the product I want, and no templates seem to stick out as viable to use.

Could you guys tell me how complex this build process would be? If it is easy, as I hope, could you explain to me how I could go about building it or finding out how to build this?

Thank you so much!

Should be pretty straight-forward. I think you’ll have to spend a little time understanding how Bubble works and how you could set up the Database structure etc.

But overall, it’s going to be a simple DB. Since it’s a leaderboard, the Users type is probably going to be used the most. So to keep things simple you could simply add scores and other metadata as fields onto the User type itself. Then create a Repeating Group to list the Users on the leaderboard.

Hopefully Atomic Fusion can help you get some UI stuff done as well :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I’ll try to look into how the databases work.

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Once you know Bubble, this would be pretty straightforward. But if you don’t know Bubble (and haven’t built using nocode databases and platforms), then it will take some time to get up to speed on how everything works.

And even when you know Bubble, it still takes time to build since you need to build almost everything from scratch.

That said, learning Bubble is a good investment of time IMHO. Having the ability to build a functioning app is a good skill.

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@nolanyee99 I would recommend you to learn bubble.io and create your idea anyway even if for some reason you thought that it will take too much and energy, because this idea will be your start to more and more ideas and the window for more opportunities in your life, one of my biggest regrets is not learning Low code sooner :wink: , I would recommend you to do it, and the community here is very helpful and you will find hundreds of people who will jump in to help you and guide you when ever you need :slight_smile:

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Totally agree.
Learning by doing is the real deal.

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