Stasis Alert! 😁

Hi everyone, I’ve been brainstorming an app and I’m really excited with my concept. As a non coder I’m also really pleased offers me the opportunity to bring it to at least MVP. However I’m getting myself bogged down in self doubt and grinding to a halt. I’ve planned my dB but the UX really daunts me. To my question, I watched a very good YouTube video where screens were perfected first. Is it wise to wireframe the UX and get the dB and logic sorted to achieve results before perfecting, or getting help with it. I know I’m kind of asking for people to make decisions which really should be mine but I’m a bit neuro diverse and getting myself in knots. Any advice will be greatly welcomed. Thanks

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If you’re just getting started with Bubble, which it sounds like you are, then just get started with something super simple. Don’t worry too much about the UI. You’ll get taken down another rabbit hole of trying to learn UX principles, how to use figma, etc. Your first app (or two, or three) will be terrible anyway. But as Jordan Peterson says, anything worth doing is worth doing badly. Just get something done then iterate.

Once you become proficient in Bubble then yes for sure I’d recommend using wireframes or mockups

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Thanks Alex. Rabbit hole is very apt, I’ve been creating a warren. I’ll heed your advice and just get stuck in.

Jotting down what you want to build can always help you build faster and better.
As a new bubble dev I recommend going through gregory john’s youtube or bubble’s youtube to get started.

If you get the the forum + twitter is your best answer.

As for building your first product. You can start of by sketching what your app would look like on a paper, just a mind map. Write down whatever you think the database should include and, start building with the basics. Get inspiration from other apps that are similar to yours.

Once you get the app running you can always get help from a professional or upskill yourself according to whatever you need to do next

Thanks. Ill take a look at their vids. If my app seems okay where would you suggest asking for professional help. Im developing a marketplace btw.

You can look at multiple places for developers/agencies that are in your budget eg. upwork, fiver or the bubble forum/rfp

Agencies charge more but usually have processes and multiple developers working so they can get it done faster.

I personally think the bubble forum and twitter is the best place.

Yeah I think so too. Mainly because I dont have a dime :rofl: