I am getting problem , in fitting the elements in mobile screen

Hello everyone

I am creating app . I am facing the problem in fitting the groups elements in mobile screen. I want the elements should fit on any mobile screen when open. I am getting the white space at bottom . I want to know that how I can remove that white space and fit the elements from top to bottom. I attached the screenshot . It will clear more. Thanks

To have the 6 groups you have in the screen shot stretch their heights, you’d need to use CSS and I personally use the classify plugin to help with that.

If those six groups are in a repeating group in may be a bit trickier as Bubble has r-boxes (or something like that, I’m not a coder so don’t remember exactly the name of it) that ‘bound’ the contents of a RG…Check the classify plugin showcase thread on the forum for ideas of how to stretch the height of the rg cells.

There is another plugin that stretches rg cells heights, but be aware it will stretch every RG on the page, so if there is more than 1 it is kind of worthless as you can not target a specific RG.

@boston85719 Hello , I am using the repeating the repeating group.

@boston85719 . What css property should I give so that they can stress the elements and fits the whole screen.

it would be the height property

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