White box under every screen.. at my wits end

Hi there

At my wits end…
I have a native app with BDK wrapper but I have one huge problem:
there is a white box under every element… I’ve tried everything for 2 days
If I make the elements higher, the white box is just replaced with the element… Why is there this “scroll element”?

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Does anyone have a idea?

One thing that is very weird to me:

Screen 1 and 2 are exactly same height. Both have scroll “bug” where I can scroll down.

But in screen one that area is the color it’s meant to be while two it’s white again

Try putting all this in a floating group that floats relative to both the top and the bottom, and set the height of the FG the same as the page height.

Every element in a FG for its own or everything in one?

Probably have some group that’s not collapsing?

Also maybe you can simply set the page background color to match the showing groups’s background color conditionally. That should fix your UI in minutes until you figure out what’s the actual issue

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Hard to see from my phone. Maybe try this:

Try making sure this one collapses and that there is no extra space between it and the group above.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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OK I found the problem. Ignore what I said about the FG. What’s happening here is that the group above the login group partially overlaps with the login group. The vertical stacking of the groups needs to be perfect - there should be no overlap, or no spaces, between vertically stacked groups. As a result, the login group is getting shifted up.
Group 1
Group 2
Group 2

should be vertically stacked, not overlap, and have no space between.

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See my second reply above, and arrange the groups like shown below.


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Thank you very very much for your time and answer… Life saver

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This fixed the cutted element completey. Thank you so much

Do you have any idea why there is a white “scroll able” box under every element? Is this because they are not long enough? It still happens If i inspect it as small screen…
Highly appreciated your taking your time to help meimage