"I am home now" feature help

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I am very new to bubble, so learning as I go. So far it has been hard, but super exciting project. I am using Google Maps API on my app, and I am trying to achieve the following:

During user registration process, I have a button “I am home now” when trying to get address of the user. If user clicks this button, I’d like new page to open, with his current location pre-populated in a text format on that page, and another 2 buttons, a) Yes that is my address ; b) No, let me enter it manually

If user confirms that address is correct, I would like to have this address populate in data for that user, together with other information provided during different registration steps.

I was browsing this forum, but couldn’t find any recent posts on this, hopefully someone can link me correct way or share a way of achieving this. I apologize for poor structure of this text, but hopefully it’s understandable.

Thank you,

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Sounds pretty straightforward, if you have your Google Maps API key in your app then you can use Current geographic position as a data source. The user’s browser will prompt them that your app wants to use their location so they will need to tap allow.

Depending on how you want the user experience there’s different ways you could do it.

You could put a Search Box on the page, “Choices style” will be “Geographic places”, then set the Default value to Current geographic position

Then at that point you could make your “yes this is correct” button and do Make changes to current user and set a geographic address field to the searchbox’s value

Or instead of pressing “No” they can just tap on the searchbox and search for an address to override it, then press “Yes this is correct”

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Thank you so much for this response, very helpful. Working on this as we speak. One more question though.

Can I use these Google Maps API features as a free member, or I must upgrade to premium to have this feature? When I go to settings and look at Google API settings, it tells me that I must be a premium member to access this feature.

Or what you mean is Google Maps API plugin, and that one can be used with free members?

Thank you!

I just checked my free/test app and it lets me go to settings and add the Google Map and Google Geocode keys even though its not a paid app

You make a Google Cloud account, add billing information and enable those APIs and generate a key to paste into Bubble. Google’s free tier is crazy high so it wouldn’t cost anything

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