Google Api craziness


I’ve been reading all the threads on this blog about Google Api functionalities and I still have no idea about how to create a button that once pressed it geolocates the actual user and write in the database his position.

Is it so complicated?

No, it isn’t at all complicated. You don’t need Google’s API.

You just update the field with Current Georgraphic Position.


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Hi Nigel,

I’ve followed your instruction here about how to use a button to set a variable somewhere else: Basic question: Setting field value from a button - #10 by NigelG

All clear but, my button is not doing anything. If I trying saving a text it works but once I ask him to same the Geo position, it does not display anything. I’ve tried content format = address and even text.

What am i doing wrong?

If you can share a link to the editor, that would be great.

Group: PG Profile

I don’t think is set to be public, as I can’t get in I am afraid.

Sorry, this new link now should work:

It does indeed :slight_smile:

How do I get the geotag group to load ? OK, don’t worry, got it.

So it seems to work ok.

Until you manually enter an address, then the “Geotag me” button doesn’t overwrite the manual address.

You can get round that by putting the address in a group, and resetting the group.

Have a look and let me know.

Mmmh I saw what you have done on the app, thanks.

I still don’t get any result in mobile IOS and neither Safari on Mac. On Safari I can see this error on the console “User denied GeolocationClear”

Is there any way to unblock this? Maybe on click, a popup that appear and ask you to confirm the action of “enabling geolocation”? Importan: it has to be both mobile and desktop.


Well, that sounds like the User refused Geolocation permission somehow. So more like a Safari issue than a Bubble one.

Ook, so we can do for the moment and to solve this lack of feedback from us to the user about his situation on geolocation services, it’s to control that error state and if the system recognise there is this limit, we show a popup that explains how to enable it.

In ordert to achieve that we’ll need two parameters:

  • is geolocation active
  • what is the browser of the user

Do you think is possible to get that and shoot a popup with some text instructions?

I think would be extremely helpful.


Hey @NigelG,

please let me know something when you can. The geolocation is a vital point for my app.

Thank you

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