I am new to bubble. I been building my first bubble app. I need some guidance

I have few issues with my app. I would like to have a zoom call and share screen. Here are two of the main issues I have been facing.

  1. I am using custom states to add items in my cart but it seems like I cannot add the same items multiple times.
    It’s for a shop product display so I don’t want users to log in. So how do I add the same items multiple times in my cart? (note: the cart is temporary data without the check-out process.)

  2. I have items and category data types. When I create an item I can only create an item thing. I am not being able to store that item in the selected category data type.

I need some help.


Welcome to Bubble! Would it be possible to email us at support@bubble.io with a link to the app in question and some more information about your current setup? Happy to help!

Thank you so much. I have already emailed support@bubble.io.

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