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I can see a "login required" page before I login

I have a page where a login is required.

What I’ve done to force the login is set a workflow where if the user isn’t logged in, navigate to a login page + send this page’s URL. The user will then login and be sent back to the previous page.

However, when I load the page while not being logged in, first I’ll see the page for a second, and then the redirect happens. Is there a way to make sure a login page is displayed first?

Create a large shape and cover the whole page, set this to be usually visible above all elements. In your workflow do:

When page is loaded:

  • Redirect to page login if user is not logged in
  • Hide element

This should work in your use case, bare in mind it may take some UI wiggles to make it work just as you like.

That’s an interesting workaround. Thanks :slight_smile:

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No worries, alternatively you could group all the elements in your page into one big holding group then set this to NOT be visible on page load.

Simply then do your workflow to say on page load, redirect, then show holding group

In other words, show only if the user is logged in.

Yes that’d work, you could even do this as a conditional on the actual group, reducing the need for another workflow action.

The only issue here is - the elements are already show in different group and have different workflows that apply to them. Would putting everything in one group not impact that ? (remove existing groups, for example

See the editor for this - it isn’t perfect and won’t work perfectly in preview but in short, so long as all your elements are not deleted it doesn’t matter what their parent group is (UNLESS YOU ARE USING “Parent Group’s …”)

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