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I can view my profile page but not other people's profile page

When I log into the website, I want to view my profile page and other people’s profile page’s. But for some reason, I can only view my profile page. When I click. to view another person’s account, everything is blank. Nothing shows up.

I created a video to help explain the situation more

Not sure how to fix this

Hey @welter.m :wave:

Have you checked privacy settings yet? I haven’t watched the video, it’s just the first thing I would try. :blush:

Where can I find the privacy settings? Can’t find it in the application settings

Actually I found the privacy settings but there’s no options for my specific problem.

Like I can view other people’s bookmark collections but I can’t view their username, email, or list of collections. Weird… watch the video to understand lol


So, I watched it. Still think it’s privacy settings. :blush:

Can you send a screenshot of your privacy settings for users, then we can probably help out. :+1:


If this is similar to what your privacy settings look like, then you will have this issue. Check it out. :blush:

Yours might say “this user is current user”

Hope that helps a bit. :blush:


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KING thank u, it worked <3

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Glad it helped! :raised_hands: