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Conditional page depending on user

i want to create a social media app, and i need every user to have their own profile page. right now i have a profile page but its for the current user. i want this page to appear different to another user. for instance, for the current user, the profile page shows options for changing their profile pic, display name, and log out. simple. but i want the page to look different for another user so that another user only sees the display name, profile pic, but no option to change those since they are another users. i saw a previous topic that talked about external pages and have unique usernames, i dont have unique usernames now, or how to implement any of those suggestions.

The easiest way is to look at some other social media sites and copy their UX. Typically, they create a public page, call it “profile”, which is visible to everyone, and editable by no one. Then they create a settings page where the current user can change the different settings on their account.

i created a profile page, but i do not know how to make it so that the page distinguishes between the owner of the page or other people that are only viewing the page. how would i make a settings page only for the user and a public profile page viewable for everyone?

Set the pages type of thing to User. You’ll define which user is sent to the page in each workflow that navigates to that page.

For the settings page, set the type to User and the data source to current user, so no matter who views the settings page, they end up editing their own profile.

Let me know if you have questions.

I’m not sure what you mean. Is this in the workflow? Do you mean, upon the page loading, make changes to a thing, “current user” ?

Sorry, Im very much a novice. I’ve gone through many of the lessons but I still feel confused in regards to how different users would actually be implemented.

Why don’t you post a link to your app. It will make it easier to help you.

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Hi - I have a similar issue and curious what the answer to this is. For my scenario, I have 1 page with many groups I either hide or show.

I have one group for Current User to create their profile
I have a second group that list all Users.
I have a third group that will show Public Profile (view only) of a User

When I’m in the second group (list of users), there’s a repeating group which has a picture of each respective cell’s User. When I click on the picture, I want to go to the third group (Public profile view) and show that user’s public profile.

In the User data structure I have “Temp User” of type User. When the picture is clicked, I make a change to Current User and assign Temp User = This User (i.e. current RG cell’s user). I was thinking this would be the way to pass the current cell’s user over to the Public profile group. But it doesn’t work. Any ideas? Thanks!

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In the workflow, when the picture of the user is clicked–>show public profile group–> display data (found in element actions section), in display data: for the element choose the public profile group, then for data to display choose current cell’s user

then in the profile page, make sure for the dynamic text, such as the name of the user, choose Parent Group’s User, instead of current user, and you would choose what specific text it would be for that user, like parent group’s user’s display name …that way even the current user can click on their own pic and see their own profile page.
for all of the info on the profile group, like the picture on the profile or text that describes the profile, etc. make sure to choose parent group user, and then what ever the data is, so like parent group’s user’s profile pic.

Thank you aphz88. Gaby helped me figure it out too - same answer as you.:thumbsup:


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