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Displaying and viewing User Profile

I have created two different types. I can’t seem to get them to display. I thought everything was set up properly, but they still wont display. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I have tried multiple different options. I can’t view the profiles that I set up or others. I have them set to current page user. For the current user to set up their profile it is a popup. I have the profile types set up under their own custom data types, to save their own custom fields. Is it because they are not all saved under user? Under user, It does have the two user types listed and their own custom fields. I have been trying to figure this out for days.

Hey there, could you share a link to your app’s editor? It’ll be easier for us to help if we can see what you’ve tried to do. Thanks!

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Sure. I am not sure how to do that, though.

When you’re in the app editor, f you just copy and paste the url from your browser, that would do it. Make sure it’s set to “public” before you do that, though. You can set the app to public by doing the following steps:

  • Click to the “Settings” tab on the left of the editor
  • When the page loads, make sure you’re on the “General/Design” tab along the top
  • The top setting is called “Application Rights.” Make sure you select the dropdown option for “Everyone can Edit”
  • Copy and paste the URL from your browser into your forum post
  • The community will take a look and help you out!

Sorry for all the questions, I am new at this and still have a free account. I was trying to figure out if this site would work for what I am trying to do, and I think it will. I don’t have the Application Rights tab from what I can see. It is set to public. Do I upgrade my account then to have this option, then?

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